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-20 , -16 , -12 , -8 …. In the sequence above, each term after the first is 4 greater than the preceding term. Which of the following could...
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Enrolled Students

In a class of 78 students 41 are taking Hindi, 22 are taking English. Of the students taking Hindi or English, 9 are taking both courses. How many students are...
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Find Weight

A cubical block of metal weighs 6 kg. How much will another cube of the same metal weigh if its sides are twice as long? 48 32 24 18...
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In a village of 100 households, 75 have at least one DVD player, 80 have at least one cell phone, and 55 have at least one MP3 player. If...
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Find the Seven Numbers

There are seven numbers, A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. When all these numbers except A are added together, 116 is obtained. When all these numbers except...
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Multiple choice

Which of the following cannot be an integer if the integer k is a multiple of 12 and a multiple of 9. (a) K/3 (b) K/4 (c) K/10 (d)...
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