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Triangular matrix

If U1, U2 are upper triangular and L1, L2 are lower triangular, which of the following are triangular?  U1 + U2  U1U2  U12  U1 + L1  U1L1  L1 +...
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The sunrise problem

Two women start walking at the sunrise, one from point A to B and another from point B to A. The pass each other exactly at noon. The first...
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Can you solve in 1 minute?? Can you solve in 50 seconds? can you solve in 30 seconds? can you solve in 10 seconds? Mention the time that you...
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Distance Time

A cargo plane flew from the Clark across the Pacific at 255 kph and flew back to the Clark at 275 kph. Given that the first trip took 2...
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One dimensional collision

A 1200kg car traveling initially at 25m/s in an eastern direction crashed into the back of a 9000kg truck moving at the same direction at 20m/s. The velocity of...
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Largest possible sum

In the year 2001, the International Mathematics Olympiad was held in the USA. Let be distinct positive integers such that the product I * M * O =...
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