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The sunrise problem

Two women start walking at the sunrise, one from point A to B and another from point B to A. The pass each other exactly at noon. The first...
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Distance Time

A cargo plane flew from the Clark across the Pacific at 255 kph and flew back to the Clark at 275 kph. Given that the first trip took 2...
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Largest possible sum

In the year 2001, the International Mathematics Olympiad was held in the USA. Let be distinct positive integers such that the product I * M * O =...
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Base conversion

If (11011)2 = (____________)10, then the number in the blank space is: a. 33 b. 22 c. 27 d. 30 Rate the problemHelpful (1)Spam (0)Hard (0)Wow (0)
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Prove that: log base 16 (XY) = 1/2 log base 4 (X) + 1/2 log base 4 (Y) Include the logarithmic rules used to prove the statement. Rate...
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Word problem

A garrison of 120 men is provisioned for 24 weeks at 350 gm per day per man. How many men must leave so that the same provision may last...
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