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Triangular matrix

If U1, U2 are upper triangular and L1, L2 are lower triangular, which of the following are triangular?  U1 + U2  U1U2  U12  U1 + L1  U1L1  L1 +...
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Speed of the boat in stream

Upstream boat speed=18km/hr and this speed is 500% more than stream speed. What is the downstream speed of the boat? Source Rate the problemSpam (0)Hard (0)Helpful (0)Wow (0)
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Age problem-2

One number is 3 times another number. If the larger number is diminished by 8, the resultant is 7 more than twice the smaller number. Find the numbers. ...
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Find angle BAC

Find angle BAC
TA and TB are tangents to the circle. If ABC=48°, ATB= 72°,calculate angle BAC. Rate the problemHard (1)Spam (0)Helpful (0)Wow (0)
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Prove that: log base 16 (XY) = 1/2 log base 4 (X) + 1/2 log base 4 (Y) Include the logarithmic rules used to prove the statement. Rate...
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