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Questions for Round 2 

All questions for Round 2 will appear on Open Questions page, once the contest begins .

Question-1   Question-2   Question-3  Question-4  Question-5

Aashish013 : Question1    Question2
Akshaygbhat  : Question1    Question2
TilakSN : Question1    Question2
ravi123 :   Question1    Question2
slow_at_maths : Question1     Question2
varsha s : Question1     Question2
Mahesh V Nyamagoud  :  Question1     Question2
ksujay77 :Question1     Question2
Rupam :  Question1    Question2
pranitha.p  : Question1     Question2
slsharanya : Question1     Question2
mvsajjanar   : Question1     Question2
ankitkmsrit : Question1     Question2
Akash :  Question1     Question2




Round 2 (Share and solve Round): Only  the top ten contestants of round 1 qualify for Round 2.

Rules for participants of Round 2 :

Round 2 is divided into two sub-rounds namely, Sharing round and Solving round.
a) Sharing Round:  Each participant is required to ask TWO questions here within first 20 minutes of this Round.

b)  There are points allotted for the type of questions ASKED asked.
c) Use keyword contest in Problem Title. Any question without keyword will not be considered.

An instance is shown below:










d) Solving Round:  After completing sharing round, each participant is supposed to answer a total of 23 questions ( 2*9 by participants + 5  by the test conducting body).

e) Recently asked questions by participants can be found at Open Question page. Links for questions asked by test conducting body will be shared soon.

f) Total duration of this Round will be 140 minutes (2 hours + 20 minutes).

g) Points scored in the solving sub-round is summed to that scored in Sharing sub-round.

h) Final decision of the winner will be based on the TOTAL points scored by the participants in the two sub-rounds.


Winners to be rewarded with cash prizes.

First place : INR 1000 /-

Runner up : INR 500 /-


Round 1 : 6:00 pm, 30th April, 2016. (Duration : 2 hours)
Round 2 : 3:00 pm 6:00 pm, 7th May, 2016. (Duration : 2 hours + 20 minutes)
Result Announcement: 8th May, 2016.

Rules for Contest

1. To participate, register on

2. The contest will be conducted in two phases:

     Round 1 : 6:00 pm, 30th April, 2016.

     Round 2 :  6:00 pm, 7th May, 2016 .

3. Round 1 (Qualifier Round): The qualifier round is open to all the registered participants. This round is a 120 minutes round.

4. Each correct answer fetches a point. There is no negative marking. Based on the points, qualifiers for Round 2 are selected.  In case of a tie, the duration of completion of the Round will be taken into consideration. Decision of the panel will be final.

5. The result for the Round 1 will be published on the website. Participants will be notified via email.

6. Round 2 (Share and solve Round): Only  the top ten contestants of round 1 qualify for Round 2.


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