New to Image Processing ? We have the materials for you to get started with Digital Image Processing using MATLAB.

Take your first step into Image processing using MATLAB by reading an Image.

w=imread('pout.tif'); % Reading an Image

Once read, display the image

imshow(w); % Displaying an Image

You can fetch the size of the image as shown

size=size(im); % Size of image

Likewise various operations can be performed on Digital Images.

w=imread('pout.tif');                         % Reading an Image (Grayscale)
Gray=imshow(w);                               % Displaying GrayScale Image
title('Grayscale Original Image (pout.tif)');
info=imfinfo('pout.tif');                     % Fetching image info
intVal=w(200,200);                            % Intensity Value for a given Pixel
impixelinfo                                   % Fetching pixel Info for any Pixel
a=imread('autumn.tif');                       % Reading an Image (RGB)
RGB=imshow(a);                                % Displaying RGB Image
title('RGB original image (autumn.tif)');
RGS2=imagesc(a);                              % Display using imagesc()
title('RGB scaled image (autumn.tif)');
RGBSize=size(a)                               % Size of RGB image
GraySize=size(w)                              % Size of Grayscale image

A RGB image comprises of 3 different components, viz. Red, Green and Blue, which can be separated and processes individually if and when required.

rCom=a(:,:,1);                                % Fetching red components
gCom=a(:,:,2);                                % Fetching green components
bCom=a(:,:,3);                                % Fetching blue components
subplot(131); imshow(rCom);                   % Displaying red components of image
title('Red Component');
subplot(132); imshow(gCom);                   % Displaying green components of image
title('Green Component');
subplot(133); imshow(bCom);                   % Displaying blue components of image
title('Blue Component');

This bring to an end to the Introduction to Image Processing.
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