Use Case Scenario 1:

Mathew’s younger brother Tajesh is studying in class 9 a school in Delhi, India . Tajesh is a sharp student, however having few difficulty in solving the Geometric triangle problems and Chemistry chemical equations. Tuition is expensive as well as very hard to get good teacher. Mathew is software engineer currently posted in New York and believes he can teach Tajesh after office if Tajesh can use computer to share study problems.

Step 1:

Tajesh comes to and clicks on “Ask Question”

Step 2:

Tajesh get a new screen where he can draw triangle and writes the problem description. Then press Submit button at the end.


After pressing submit, the problem gets displayed on home page


Step 3:

Tajesh clicks the problem and sees the details of the problem he posted. There he find the link “Forward this problem to Friend”. He clicks the link and provide Mathew’s email ID say ( Tajesh also gets email with URL upon creating the problem, so alternatively Tajesh can forward the email to Mathew with the URL.

Step 4.

Mathew clicks the URL and come to and lands into the problem directly. Mathew reads the problem and solves the problem. Mathew also does rough sketch in the image too and include the image in reply. Then press “Post Reply” button.


Step 5:

Tajesh gets the email saying the reply is received for the problem.  Goes to the and reads the explanation step by step.